About the Initiative

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National ParkRx Initiative Convening 2014

Park Prescription program practioners at the National ParkRx Initiative Convening in Charlotte, NC, 2014

The National ParkRx Initiative is made up of agencies that are dedicated to using nature and public lands to improve individual and community health. We are practitioners with varying models of Park Prescription programs, but we know that we collectively have information that can be incredibly valuable for others trying to start or improve their programs. At the heart of the Initiative is the belief that Park Prescription programs are going to be key players in preventative health for the future of public health; we are coming together to take the steps needed to make this future a reality. 

The Initiative has conference call meetings every other month to coordinate and share goals and best practices. To join these calls, please contact us for more information. 

Additionally, Park Prescription program practitioners are encouraged to communicate with each other in between conference call meetings on the National Recreation and Park Association's Connect Forum. All Park Prescription program practitioners, even if they are not NRPA members, are encouraged to join the community within NRPA's Connect Forum to talk with colleagues and experts. 

The Initiative is free to join and we encourage all interested parties to be active contributors to discussions and projects. The Initiative is co-led by representatives from the National Recreation and Park Association, the Institute at the Golden Gate, and the National Park Service