Stay up-to-date on ParkRx activities and promote your Park Prescription program with our educational materials and ParkRx logo, available for public use to support your agency’s endeavors.

ParkRx Educational Materials

Prescription Pads

Prescription pads are iconic and help people understand what Park Prescription programs mean. The National ParkRx Initiative encourages the creation of Park Prescription programs that go beyond using prescription pads as marketing tools; the most successful Park Prescription programs are those that go beyond the pad to create lasting partnerships between different agencies. However, we know that prescription pads are catchy, so here are pads that you can use for your own program. These prescription pads were generously created for the National ParkRx Initiative by Michael Warner, Visual Information Specialist at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Click each image to see a larger size. 

ParkRx Prescription Pad ParkRx Prescription Pad


Infographics are a visually compelling way to present otherwise dense information. The National ParkRx Initiative's infographic can be used in health care clinics and in visitor centers. The infographic was created with research support from NEEF and design input from NRPA. Each agency can add its own logo and website information in the white section at the bottom. Please do not alter the other parts of the infographic. Sources for the information can be viewed here. Click the image below for a high-resolution file.  

ParkRx Infographic Thumbnail

National ParkRx Media Guidelines

The National ParkRx Initiative was created to promote lessons learned and promising practices within the growing movement of prescribing parks. Resources listed below are provided free of charge to coordinate communication from different Park Prescription programs.  

ParkRx Logo Usage

The National ParkRx Initiative's logo was intended to be used as a universal Park Prescription program marker. All agencies that have Park Prescription programs are allowed to modify the current initiative logo to fit their individual program needs. To further tailor this logo to your agency’s needs, please add your agency location. The font used in this logo is Century Gothic. Please don't modify the original logo sequence ("ParkRx") or width-height ratio. Click here to download the .png and .ai files of the National ParkRx Initiative logo. 

ParkRx Logo Use Guidelines

Social Media

To create concentrated social media messaging, the National ParkRx Initiative encourages all Park Prescription programs to use the hashtag #ParkRx, not #ParksRx or #ParkPrescriptions. Social media graphics are periodically created and added to this site. All agencies encouraged to use the graphics. 

ParkRx Social Media Graphic Muir Quote