National ParkRx Day

When is National ParkRx Day?

In 2017, National ParkRx Day will be held on Sunday, April 23rd. Every year, it falls on the last Sunday of National Park Week, which will run from April 15-23. 

What is National ParkRx Day?

National ParkRx Day is a day celebrated across the United States to promote the growing movement of prescribing parks and nature to patients to improve human health. Additionally, National ParkRx Day encourages everyone to start seeing visits to parks and public lands as very important parts of their health. In 2015, the U.S. Surgeon General released a call to action to promote walking and walkable communities. National ParkRx Day builds on this call to action and provides citizens with parks and green spaces to promote public health.

The four main goals of National ParkRx Day are:

  • To amplify the visibility and viability of the nation-wide ParkRx movement in parks and communities across the nation.
  • To celebrate existing Park Prescription programs and practitioners across the country.
  • To serve as a catalyst to bring together local health providers, park agencies, community leaders, and nonprofits to begin dialogue and momentum to develop their own Park Prescription programs for improvement of their communities.
  • To increase the relevance of parks for all people; how people can connect with parks daily for their improved physical, mental, and spiritual health and create a new generation of park stewards.

How can I participate in National ParkRx Day?

If you plan to host an event for National ParkRx Day, please fill out this survey so that we can add you to the communications list. 

We encourage anyone and any agency to celebrate National ParkRx Day. Whether you are a national park or a local community center, we all want our communities to live and thrive with ample time spent in parks and natural spaces for their health. To help you with planning your event, please take a look at the uploaded document, which will help you with the messaging and coordination of the day. 

PDF icon 2017 National Park Rx Day planning tool kit.pdf