About Park Prescriptions

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What are Park Prescriptions?

Park Prescription programs are designed in collaboration with public land agencies, health care providers, and community partners to improve individual and community health. While these programs can be as diverse as the communities for which they are designed, often, they include some type of referral or “push” from a healthcare or social service provider and “pull” from a park system that connects participating individuals with local outdoor activities.

About the ParkRx Movement

In October 2013, the Institute at the Golden Gate and the National Recreation and Parks Association, with support from the National Park Service, convened a group of practitioners to discuss the emerging trend of prescribing nature to improve mental and physical health. This group of park agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations were inspired by the concept and eager to support Park Prescriptions as they moved beyond initial pilot tests into the mainstream. This group developed the National ParkRx Initiative with the goal of supporting the emerging community of Park Prescription practitioners.

Since that time, the number of Park Prescription programs has increased significantly, nationwide. As the movement has evolved, so have the needs of the community and the opportunities to support it.

About parkrx.org

Parkrx.org began as the home for the National ParkRx Initiative and has grown into the leading information hub for Park Prescriptions, creating a space for knowledge sharing in the practitioner community. Led by the Institute at the Golden Gate, parkrx.org builds on the Park Prescription movement and provides a platform to share best practices, toolkits, and case studies.

How to Share your Work

If your agency is interested in sharing a case study, tool, or other learning around Park Prescriptions, please let us know using this form.

About the Institute at the Golden Gate

A program of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Institute at the Golden Gate reimagines parks as catalysts for social good, making them more vibrant, relevant, and valuable for all. Working at the intersection of park lands and social good, the Institute provides new and cutting-edge ways for park leaders and their partners to be part of the solution to complex social challenges.